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The Chrissy Noonan Cup

The Chrissy Noonan Cup was a new style of competition this year for the mens football in Yorkshire. The competition consisted of teams of seven-a-side and was a blitz format, with group stages to begin with, then a semi-final and then the final.

In the group stages, the guys won two and drew one game. The two victories were against Brothers Pearse (3-03 to 0-06) and JFK (0-04 to 0-03). The draw was against Hugh O'Neills (1-03 to 0-06). This was enough to put the guys through to the semi-final, who'd they put up against St Benedicts.

The lads put in a good performance and came out on top with a just a goal between them. They beat St Benedicts 1-05 to 0-05 to go through to the final against Hugh O'Neills.

The final was a close game with end-to-end stuff but the Vinnies came out on top, beating Hugh O'Neills 1-08 to 1-04 and won the Chrissy Noonan Cup!

It was a great day of football and the lads enjoyed the new competition. Big thanks to the organises and supporters who came up to cheer them on.

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